C.G.Jung Foundation
For Analytical Psychology
of Argentina



...Going through the last century's shadow, the doors of a new spirituality are opened... 

The C.G Jung Foundation for Analitycal Psychology of the Rep. Argentina has propoused to created and analitycal  space wich tends to contend and canalise the social - afective necessities wich are reveled with more energy in this period.

    The Foundation coordinates groupal meetings helded by professionals egresated with junguian orientation, wich tends to the personnal formation in several individual developing skills wich will be directed to a solidarity opening.

    The junguian thoughts are taken to the action in the meeting with others that shares the same humanitarian feeling, participating as well of activities wich emerges from the claim of everyone who wants to participate in this call.

...For that there are invitated all of those who shares the hope of a higher development of the human soul...


Activities of the Center of Studies in Complex Psychology

*) Courses. (available only in Spanish)

*) Opened meetings for the community.

Information and Registration ( previous appointment only )

Paraguay 1465 1. "G". phone/fax: ( 541 ) 4812 - 2034