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          Junguian Institutions and others Organizations:  

Association for Humanistic Psychology: The ( AHP ) is an international interdisciplinary association offering publications, events, communities and projects worldwide which focus on consciousness and humanistic values. has generated a broad spectrum of approaches that enormously expand the range of options for dealing with psychological, psychosomatic, psychosocial and psycho-spiritual conditions. In addition, it has emphasized that psychotherapy is not only of value in dealing with emotionally crippled, neurotic and psychotic populations. It is equally relevant to the interests of relatively healthy people who are interested in exploring the farther reaches of human potential and examining the intrinsic role we have as humans in maintaining homeostasis on the planet, otherwise known as Ecopsychology. Approaches embraced by humanistic therapists include: Bioenergetics ( Wilhem Reich, Alexander Lowen ), Encounter ( Carl Rogers ), Analytical & Archetypal Psychology ( C.G.Jung, James Hillman ) , Psychosynthesis ( Roberto Assagioli ), Gestalt Art Therapy, ( Janie Rhyne ), Existential Analysis ( Rollo May, James F.T.Bugental ), Logotherapy ( Viktor Frankl ) , Self-Disclosure ( Sidney Jourard ), Conjoint Family Therapy ( Virginia Satir ), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( Richard Bandler & John Grinder ).

   C.G. Jung Foundation of Venezuela and  Society of junguian analysts from Venezuela (Spanish)
   Asociaciation for the development of Analytical Psychology in Colombia (Spanish)
   C.G.Jung Foundation of Spain (Spanish)
  The Asheville Jung center 
  New Israeli Junguian Association ( Israel )
  Israel institute of jungian psychology ( Israel)
  Center for Junguian studies of South Florida (U.S.A)

C.G.Jung Page


Develop Psychology Center. CEPEI (Italian)


 I.P.P.I. Private Institute of Uncouncious Psychology "C.G. Jung": Montevideo, Uruguay   (Spanish )

  G.E.R.P.A: Groupe d'Étude et de Réflexion en Psychologie Analytique (French)
  The Oregon Friends of Jung
  C.G.Jung Institute of San Francisco

Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists


Assisi Conferences: Assisi Conferences and Seminars involve an interdisciplinary investigation into the archetypal dimensions of self organization and the relationship between Jungian psychology and the new sciences.

  The C.G. Jung Institute Zürich, Küsnacht
  Junguian Thought ( Pensamento junguiano ): Fortaleza-Ceará- Brasil.(Portuguese)
  Symbolom: Group for junguian studies from Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil. (Portuguese )
  Odyssey of the Soul (Spanish)
  C.G.Jung Society of Atlanta 
  C.G.Jung Society of Ottawa 
  C.G. Jung en Langue Française, One of the best sites in French, perhaps the most beatiful language in the world. Visit the places where Jung lived.  This site cooperates with us in the dissemination of the works and thought of C.G. Jung. (French )
  École Belgue de Psychanalyse Junguienne (French)
Proxima, Rubrica di Psicologia e Scienze umane Megasite  Junguian Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology. (Italian)
Appunti di Psicologia. Megasite of Psychology in Italy and the rest of the world.
Eranos Foundation
La Società Italiana di Psicologia dei Servizi Ospedalieri e Territoriali ( SIPSOT ) (Italian)
Università degli Studi di Bologna (Italian)
Psiconet: megasite of psychological interest. (Spanish)
Psychology On Line (Psicología on line) ( Spanish)
 Mexican Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (Spanish)
International Association for Analytical Psychology. (IAAP)
Italian Association for Transpersonal Psychology

Les Amis de C.G.Jung. Friends of C.G.Jung Montréal, Québéc (French)
Merelle net: L'aventure intérieure. Links and and a complete junguian glossary (French)
Marie Louise Von Franz
A Página de C.G.Jung  (Portuguese)
Junguian Analysis Toronto. Canadá
 The Society of Analytical Psychology (S.A.P.)
 Instituto junguiano do Rio Grande do Sul ( Portuguese)
 Jung in Colorado
 The C. G. Jung Society of Victoria
 The Asheville .Jung  Center. A Global Jungian community
 Institute of Transpersonal Psychology


  Applied Analytical Psychology :

  Horacio Ejilevich Grimaldi's web site (Spanish)
  Les demoiselles du rêve.(French)
  Psychovision: (German. English)
  Psychology's world (Le Monde de la Psychologie). Québéc (French).
  Personality Theories:  Dr. C. George Boeree . Psychology Department . Shippensburg University
  Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology  
  Vida onírica (Spanish)
  Universo Jung (Spanish)

Myths, Legends, Fairy Tales and Art Therapy:
   Dictionary of Myths and Leyends  (Spanish )
  The Horn of the Unicorn (Spanish )
  The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies
  Myths & Leyends
  Jung Circle
  Encyclopedia Mythica
  "Sur la Lune" Fairy Tales pages
  Mything Links 
  The Center for Story & Symbol
  Sources for the Analysis and Interpretation of Folk and Fairy Tales


         Archetypal Psychology:


  The Ravenswood's Homepage: The Metaphysical Perspective in the Work of C G Jung
  Fool's Paradise
  The Antropology of Mythology
  Enrique Eskenazi's Center . Centro Enrique Eskenazi (Spanish)
  Archetypal Psychology's Web site. La Web de Psicología Arquetipal. (Spanish)

OneWomansMind Net

          Archetypal Astrology:
  Arcana Library  
  Archetypal Astrology: Web site for for those with an interest in Astrology, Jungian Psychology. Dreams and symbolism. 
Cielo Interior (Spanish)
Archetypal Astrology
Meio do Céu (Portuguese)
         Junguian Psichology and Religion:
  Jacob Boehme Resources:  This page will collect existing resources from the WWW on the work, world, and influence of Jacob Boehme, and add some of my own, in an effort to support research and teaching on Boehme

Mircea Elíade International Literary Society


  Psychology and Religion
  Saint Francisco de Asís: Religious web site devoted to this Saint.( Portuguese )

The Wisdom of Kabbalah: The Kabbalah teaches a practical method to apprehend the upper world and the source of our existence while still living in this world. By this method man attains perfection, and takes control over his life and transcends the limitations of time and space. In this way he realizes his true purpose in life and achieves - tranquility, endless, unbounded enjoyment while he is still living in this world. ( English, Hebrew, French, Russian, Italian,Spanish, Portuguese and German)


C.G.Jung's Psychology and religion:  (French )   


The Guild of Analytical Psychology  and Spirituality


         Junguian Psychology and Philosophy:

  The Western spiritualism: This page seeks to show that the current interest for the philosophical-spiritual subjects doesn't just find a strong support in the rich and beautiful Oriental tradition, but also in our extraordinary Western philosophical and religious tradition, as well as in the current progress of the Physical and Psychological Sciences.
  C.G.Jung et la Philosophie, by F.M.Carre ( French )
  Associazione G.E.A. Analytical Psychology and Experimental Philosophy.With the magazine Individuation (Italian )

 C.G. Jung: between  Phylosophy and Psychology (Español)  Revista de Filosofía " El Foro "




 Mircea Elíade International Literary Society


Lourdes Rensoli Laliga's Web site( Spanish) 


  Azogue: ( Spanish)
  Mercurio Radiante (Spanish)
  Alchimie et Hermétisme. L'art de la Transmutation (French)
  Templum Sodalitas Janun
  Alkahest Leo Rubens GMOV
  Alquimia Mundial (Spanish)
  The new Alchemie web site
  The Alchimie web site: Everything on Alchemy. Unpublished texts translated to (French, English, Spanish and Russian )
Unus Mundus
  C.G.Jung and the Alchemical renewal.


Art Therapy
  Lucernario: Poesía e Imagen. Poetry and images (Spanish)
  Símbolo Psique Danza: (Spanish)
  Mirna Altomare's web page' (Spanish)
  Escuela de Biodanza de Madrid. (Spanish)
  Rubedo ( Portuguese)
  American Art Therapy Association
  The Arts and Healing Network
   Luis Formaiano's web site. Member of the C.G.jung Foundation for Analytical psychology (Argentina)
  The Mandala proyect
  The British Columbia Association for  Play Therapy
  Art Magick
  Grupo de Estudio del Psicodrama Analítico (Spanish)
  Escenarios (Spanish)

  Sandplay Therapists of America : Sand Play. Junguian technique to stimulate creativity and fantasy
  Transpersonal Sandplay Therapy Center
  The Israeli Sandplay Therapists Association. Israel .(English and Hebrew )


          Synchronicity's developments:
  Cosmic Ancestry
  A many worlds wabe - object Paradigm for Quantum Inertia and quantum gravity: I have pondered "archetype as world" and "world as archetype", in other words,I would hold a Many-Archetype view in relation to Jung.  B. Eshleman
   Kurt Gödel
  Wolfang Pauli
  Profesor Stephen Hawking. Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge
  Rupert Sheldrake on line
  The site of David Bohm
  Epsilones/Bestiario. (Spanish)
  Philosophy of Science: From Ancient Science and Mathematics to Relativity and Quantum mechanics Theory. Kuhn
  Hitoshi Kitada's Home Page: Department of Mathematical Sciences.University of Tokyo.Time is a crucial notion in each of quantum mechanics, relativity, and the universe.



Xoroi Librería (Spanish)


Spring Publications :  Links: 


Loyola University Library: Bibliography on C. G.Jung


Karger Publishers: (Switzerland) 

  Paidós bookstore: C.G.Jung and other junguien authors in Spanish.On-line. (Spanish)
  La Biblioteca di Vivarium: (Italian )
  La Fontaine de pierre Editions: (French)
  Personality and consiousness
   O Arquetipo. (Portugués)


C.G.Jung and the Beatles: Site of Enrique Cabrera : John, Paul, George, Ringo and C.G.Jung: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (biography of C.G.Jung) . The Spanish Beatles page:  The Ultimate Beatles Archives: ( Spanish )