Our Institution:

The long institutional journey begin in 1986, lead the Foundation to ask for admission in the Ministry of Education, as an entity dedicated to the study, treatment and divulgation of junguian thoughts, fulfilling this way that which stands as a main purpose in it’s statutes:  
                  “…To divulge and to promote in every area of scientific knowledge the ideas of the wise-swiss-man…” 

Under this consideration and as an Independent Institution, in 1986, by the means of one of it’s areas, specifically dedicated to decency: the Center for Studies  on Complex Psychology, began the duties of attention and teaching development to the creation of the Center of Analytic Therapy, that gives psychotherapeutically and psychiatric attention which institutional fees to public in general and whose professional teams in conformed by authorities, graduated and analysts in “training” of our Organization. The Carl G. Jung Foundation of Analytical Psychology counts today with several areas in development, which are expanding and incorporating new ones, as that dedicated, for instance to “Sand Play” and "Art Theraphy ".


The areas functioning today are the following: Development and Investigation on Internet, in charge of
  Horacio Ejilevich Grimaldi . In this area we have created the most visited web page national and international, dedicated to Carl G. Jung and Humanistic Psychology. Besides, it provides the free of charge delivery of the Book of Junguian Thoughts, on-line publication, every fifteen days counting over fifteen thousand suscriptors all around the world.

This page has received several distinctions, as the Archetypal Award, among others and is a source of daily consulting by an endless amount of students, professionals and people interested in Analytical Psychology. Also in the area of Publications and under the form of books, up to now there have been published the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the magazine Cuadrante, whose name lately changed to Gnosis, and later on published numbers  1 and 2. Furthermore, two books by Dr. Horacio Ejilevich Grimaldi: “Carl G. Jung, the last magician” in 1988, which constituted the first biography in Spanish published in our country of Carl G. Jung; and “The Schreber case: the other side of the mirror. A junguian interpretation” which questions on the episthemology of the Freudian conceptualization on Paranoia. This area, keeps our web-page: www.fundacion-jung.com.ar, which allows the foundation to be directly in touch with the virtual world and promote the cultural scientific and educational exchange with the rest of the world. It also sustains close-up collaboration to Psiconet: Jung’s website www.psiconet.org/jung; of which the purpose of creating another Junguian space in Psychoanalysis. Own web is edited in Spanish as well as in English.

Teaching: the already mentioned Center for Studies on Complex Psychology, where we give courses, one-day work, Seminars and the Course of Specialization on Analytical Psychology, with a parasistematic character  and addressed to professionals and studies related to Mental Health and interested in general on the work of Carl G. Jung and his further developments, this area includes many activities free of charge for professionals of other disciplines and interested non-professionals . The foundation’s first public apparition was in 1986 in a forum debate in the Great Classroom of the Third Professorship of Psychiatry in the Borda National Hospital, with an audience of about 170 people. During many years, the foundation performed several teaching and psychotherapeutically activities in the same Hospital.

In 1988 a debate took place with the participation of 670 people in the Auditory of the Great Classroom of the Belgrano University.

Between 1997 and 1998 our institution presented:


The first course on Carl G. Jung’ psychology in the area of Cultural Extension of the Faculty of Psychology of the Universidad de Buenos Aires.


Several Symposium was organized by the Carl G. Jung Foundation of Analytical Psychology and took place in the OEA in June 1991.


The second Symposium on Junguian Thought was organized by the Carl G. Jung Foundation of Analytical Psychology, and took place in the F room of the Municipal Analitory General San Martin During the month of August 1992.


The third Symposium on Junguian Thought, in 1994, took place once again in the Great Classroom of the OEA.


The fourth Symposium on Junguian Thought, took place in our see of Paraguay street 1465 1st G, in 1997.



The fifth Symposium on Junguian Thought, on September 1999, under the shape of a free of charge colloquium, in the Sociedad Argentina de Autores (SADE) in the great Classroom.


The sixth Symposium on Junguian Thought, took place with  the co-sponsorship of the Association of former exhibitioners of the OEA, the International Society for Humanistic Psychology and the Carl G. Jung Foundation in the Great Classroom of the OEA.

Nevertheless, Universities and Hospitals are not the only areas in which our Organization acts. We have also developed activities of divulgence of junguian thought in: the OEA along with the Association of Former-exhibitioners of the OEA, the Cultural Representation of the Republic of Taiwan.

Furthermore, the foundation is constantly invited and sends its most representative members, all along the country where we have dictated Congresses and Courses.

The Carl G. Jung Foundation of Analytical Psychology has participated in numerous forums nationally and abroad, as for instance, in 1993, the International Congress of Psychology in Montreal (Quebec); in the year 2000 the International Congress of Analytical Psychology in Sao Paulo, Brazil, among others.

Currently the Carl G. Jung Foundation of Analytical Psychology, counts with the support and available of different free spaces in well known institutions in our country, all of the representative of their scientific and cultural knowledge.

In this same teaching area, with an audience of an average 35 people per activity and in our see, seminaries, one-day works and other activities relating Junguian teachings.

Considering that every year we give ten to fifteen different activities, ever since 1986, it would be impossible to mention them all here.

Finally, this area is responsible for among outstanding professionals of the Junguian work.

It has been our pleasure to have among our gust-lectures in our see the following professionals:


       In 1988, Dr. Antonio Vazquez Fernandez, former Head master of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca (Spain), author of several publications, among which we can find:

-         Freud and Jung; two anthropological models (Ed. Sígueme, Salamanca, Spain)

-         Personality Psychology in Carl G. Jung (Ed. Sígueme, Salamanca, Spain)

Furthermore, thanks to a convey with the full bright commission, Dr. V. F. dictated in 1994 a three series conferences about Jung’s seminaries in reference to the philosopher Friederich Mietzsche.



       In 1998 we had the chance to listen to a master conference by the Psychologist and Jesuitic Priest Eckhart Frick who lectured in the Carl G. Jung of Analytical Psychology and presented his book, “Healing through the wound” (Ed. Lumen, Bs. As., Argentina)

Eckhart Frick Ph D, is also President of the Austrian Association of Analytical Psychology.


    For the 5th Symposium on Junguian Thought Dr. Antonieta Maame Zimeo, from Brazil, was specially invited. She was named the best psychotherapist with a juanguian orientation in her country and representative of our organization in Brazil.

Besides, the Foundation created the Category of Honorifical Member, among which we way mention: Dr. Verena Kast (Swiss), Dr. Aldo Caratenuto (Italy), Dr. Aryeh Maindenbaun (USA), Lic. Sonia Reginal Lyra (Brazil), Dr. Darryl Sharp (USA), Dr. Remo Roth (Swiss), and other who have accepted our distinction.

Several members of the Carl G. Jung of Analytical Psychology, belong to the Carl G Jung Foundation Analytical Psychology of New York.

On the other hand, the Found keep Membership and representatively in South America of the International Society for Humanistic Psychology.

Throughout the years, the different Directive Commissions in our organization, have been obligated to expulse from our Foundation several professionals, for their not adjusting to the ethical code that relates not only to the profession of Mental Health, but also to teaching, given which we do not indorse, under no circumstance those who mention our organization alleging having belonged to it. In this matter, our Institution offers information and a list of those professionals who do posses the recognition of the Carl G. Jung Foundation of Analytical Psychology.

A third area in our Organization is its Center of Therapy with Junguian orientation.

The economic support of the Carl G. Jung Foundation of Analytical Psychology, has been since 1986 the own incomes that come from the treatment by per institution, being our wish for the future, to obtain the support and participation of other Organizations interested in the promotion of Junguian Humanistic Thought, in order to reach this way to a branch of our society that currently finds itself totally left aside of the possibility of a treatment in Mental Health and Humanitarian help.

The raising of the Carl G. Jung Foundation of Analytical Psychology, was owned to two significative events. The first of them, the enthusiastic support that our current Executive Secretaty (and former President), Dr. Aryeh Maindenbaum. During the twelve years he remained on this change, he sent to our institution, not only his addition, but also didactic material that was adopted to own country and used with non-profit ends.