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The C.G. Jung Foundation for Analitycal Psychology of Argentina was founded in 1985 and registered in the National Superintendency of Private Institutions in 1986, with the purpose stated in its statutes of:

"Promoting C.G. Jung's pioneer work in all areas of knowledge".

Since its creation, the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology of Argentina, has dictated a number of courses, seminars and workshops related to Jungian theory and has instituted a Graduate Specialization Course in Analytical Psychology, in three different categories:

Graduate students in careers related to Mental Health.

Students with related curricula.

Public in general

At the same time, it promotes a bi- annual "Simposium on Jungian thought ", of which six have taken place to date.
    Once a year, personalities of scientific circles related to C.G. Jung's work, are invited to participate in conferences. Among them, James Jarret Ph. D. Professor at the University of Berkeley (U.S.A.), Dr. Antonio Vázquez Fernández, ex dean of the Pontifical University of Salamanca (Spain). Mr. Mario Uriarte of Uruguay and President of the Carl Gustav Jung Association of Montevideo, Eckhart Frick Ph.D, Psychiater und Psychoanalytiker Abt. Psychotherapie und Psychosomatik; and many others from all South America and the world.

    The C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology of Argentina, offers para-systematic courses on: Introduction to the Jungian thought, Synchronicity, analysis and onirical hermeneutics from the Jungian perspective and practical workshops on active imagination, among other topics directly related to Jungian theory.


The Foundation also maintains The Therapy Center of Jungian orientation, under a previous admission interview, included in our assistance field, for all of them who needs a Junguian therapy or Analitycal experience.

Being the first Foundation created for this purpose in Argentina, the Foundation maintains a fluid bibliographic and epistolary contact with other Jungian institutions abroad, most of them in our links.

    The quarterly publication "Journal on Jungian thought " is distributed free to its members, and right now, on-line in Internet, includes articles from those interested to develop C.G. Jung's works in its most diverse practical fields.



The Foundation's President is Dr. Horacio Ejilevich Grimaldi, Clinical Psychologist, a graduate from the School of Psychology of the University of Buenos Aires and specialized at the University of Iowa (U.S.A.). He is also a member of the C.G.Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology of New York, The International Council of Psychologists, The C.G. Jung Association (Chicago - U.S.A.), The American Psychological Society, among others, ex grant holder of the Organization of American States (U.S.A.), special guest by the Republic of China in Taiwan and held a scholarship by the "Andrés Bello" agreement to La Paz ( Bolivia ).

Dr Ejilevich Grimaldi Was Professor at the U.T.N. National Technological University at the Zárate, Campana , Buenos Aires and Pacheco  leading  "Group Communication" workshop's  and " Organizational Sociology " of the Master Program in University Excellence. He is also Professor (on sabbatical license ) in the subject of Evolutive and Educational Psychology at the Institute of Professorship in Physical Education in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Among the Foundation's honorific members are:

     Dr. Aldo Carotenuto, recognised junguian psichoterapist, author of many books, for instance: " A Secret Symmetry: Sabina Spielrein between Jung and Freud. The untold Story, and " Eros and Pathos " ( The shadow in the  the love ). Dr. Carotenuto is a member of the I.I.A.P. and Profesor of Theory of Personality ar the University of Rome. Italy.

     Dr. Jose Bueri, M.D.Doctorate in Neurology from the University of Buenos Aires, Medical School.Member of the American Society of Neurology, specialised at the Henry Ford Hospital of Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Professor at University of Buenos Aires.

     Dr. Aryeh Maidenbaum, Ph.D. is a well- known Jungian analyst in private practice in New York City. He teaches at New York University and other academic institutions in the metropolitan area and lectures and leads workshops internationally on the subjects of dreams; mid-life transition and change; psychological types; and Jungian psychology in general. Dr.Maidenbaum has written extensively for both professional and lay audiences and is cited frequently in publications like The New York Times, Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report and has appeared often on radio and television. Dr. Maidenbaum is the founder and director of the New York Center for Jungian Studies and the Jung on the Hudson Seminar Series and for eleven years was the executive director of the C.G. Jung Foundation of New York.

       Dr. Vicente Rubino, Psychologist and Psychiatrist of Jungian orientation, member of the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology of New York and Professor in several Universities as the University of Flores (UFLO) and the University of Belgrano.

       Dr. Fernando Gońi, Biochemist, was specialized at the New York City Hospital in New York (U.S.A.) in molecular biology and he is presently research director in that area in Montevideo, Uruguay.

       Dr. Fidel Moccio, pionner psicologist in introducing groupal techniques and group's dramatization in Argentina and all Southamerica. Author of several books about Psychology, for instance "Creativity and Fantasy ".

       Dr. Daryl Sharp, B.Sc. is graduated from the C.G.Jung Institute of Zurich. He wrote many books,for instance: " Dear Gladys""Who Am I, Really?; Personality, Soul and Individuation " and " " Junguian Lexicon ", among others.

       Dr. Remo F. Roth . Junguian Analyst from Zürich, with an strong background in Sychronicity. Depthpsychological Training at the C.G. Jung-Institute, Zürich ( 1975 - 1981). Depthpsychological Practice since 1978 in Zürich.Training Analysis with Marie Louise von Franz ( 1978 - 1995 ). Author of: Synchronicity Quest - The Common Depthpsychological Background of Alchemy, Christian Mysticism and Quantum Physics.

      Dr. Karen M. Hamaker-Zondag : One of the living members of the Astrological Foundation Arcturus . Graduated of the University of Amsterdam ( Holland ) with doctoral degree in Social Geography and environmental engineering.Her Post - graduate: Study of Psychology, Astrology and full time councelling practice. Author among others books of: Aspects and Personality; Elements and crosses as Basis of the Horoscope, Handbook of Horary Astrology, Planetary Symbolism in the Horoscope, Psychological Astrology, a synthesis of Junguian Psychology and Astrology.

      Dr. Dieter Wartenweiler, St. Gallen und Luzern, (Schweiz ). Junguian Analist from the C.G.Jung Institute of Zürich .( 1983 ) Dr. Wartenweiler has particular interest in the field of Junguian psychology and Zen.

     Dr. Verena Kast: Past President of the IAAP. ( International Association for Analytical Psychology ). Dr. Verena Kast was born in Appenzell, Switzerland. She is a professor of Psichology at Zürich University. Author of over 20 best- selling books on junguian psychology like: " A time to mourn " and " the nature of Loving ", among others. She has her own practice in Zürich

The C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology is located at 1465 Paraguay St. 1st. floor, "G "( 1061), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal.República Argentina 
Tel/fax: (0541) 4812-2034 -